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LTC Mini LTC2510, small hook and loop straps with tags in plastic covers, set of 10 pcs, black

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Manuf. No.:LTC 2510

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Product detail

LTC Mini LTC 2510 Small hook and loop straps
Confusion at the power outlet strip is resolved thanks to the
LTC MINI. The small Velcro fastener wraps around the cable
like a clamp. And the labels covered in plastic make it easy to
identify cables, wires and plugs in and/or behind cabinets. And
organising USB cables, cables connected to the home
entertainment system or the telephone system becomes child′s
play. Of course, the LTC MINI is reusable and can be attached
and removed quickly. The small Velcro fastener is available in
black, white or bright colours (yellow, blue, red). In addition,
with the LTC MINI you can bind together especially thin cables
and mark them · particularly helpful when it comes to storing
away cables connected to headphones, electronic devices,
accessories and chargers.
The LTC ORIGINAL is suitable for
· labelling,
· colour-coding all types of cables and
· bundling thin cables.
Colour: black
General information
· Small and inconspicuous
· The plastic-covered tags (e.g. for identifying cables and their
origin or function or even the name of the owner) can be
stuck on (with self-adhesive surfaces on the Velcro)
· Perfect for labelling cables and plugs
· Also ideal for binding together and storing headphone or
charger cables
· Can be opened and closed quickly
· Reusable
· Paper plates for labelling included
· Red, blue and yellow Velcro with white paper labelling plate
and plastic cover
· Entire length approx. 9 cm, Velcro width approx. 1.1 cm,
· label size approx. 3 cm x 1.8 cm

This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday, 23. January 2018.