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LTC Label LTC2314, tags of general use, Set (each 1x short, medium, long)

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Manuf. No.:LTC 2314

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LTC Flex LTC 2314 Tags of general use
With the LTC LABEL, commercially available Velcro fasteners up to
a width of 16 mm can be marked and labelled quickly and easily.
The large tag offers sufficient space for even long labels. Five
different colours provide greater clarity. The colour tags are made
of soft, high-grade plastic that is resistant to heat, cold and light.
Of course, they contain no toxic substances.
The LTC LABEL is also perfect for organising keys and other
household items. The practical eyelet on the label also means you
can hang it up. Special removable tags with extra-strong adhesion
are included. Of course, they are also available as replacement tags.
General information
- Attractive design
- Large labelling field
- Eyelets for suspension
- Removable tags for labelling included
- Tested for heat, cold and light
- Dimensions: Cable fastener width of as much as 16 mm
- Made in Germany

This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday, 23. January 2018.